CO+HOOTS is a coworking space in Downtown Phoenix, the city that is in its very own startup phase. We are home to startups, small businesses and a bunch of awesome movers and shakers in the community.

We stray from the niche coworking model and welcome members of all professional backgrounds, as we believe that diversity in experience is what brings the space to life and opens up truly fantastic collaboration. Something great happens when members of all backgrounds have the chance to drink a beer together and discuss obstacles they’re running into. The solutions are creative and often lead to many more conversations and beer (and friendships)!

Our goal is to take this smorgasbord of talents and skills and get them in the same room at the same time. While there is no “secret sauce” to a successful coworking space, our passion to get members (and the community) to connect in the funnest way possible is a huge contributor to what has made our culture successful.

Whether we are hosting an epically large rapid pitch event for startups in the community or a happy hour specifically with our members at a new local restaurant- our goal is to get people out of their shells and connect with the community around them.

With each event, we ask our team these two questions: “what will make this impactful” and “what makes this event weird”? If it’s not impactful or weird, it’s not true to our brand. Will someone dress up as a shark? Will we present a teensy tiny award? Will we paint wine glasses and plant cactus and call that the honorary trophy? Duh!

We have found that CO+HOOTS is a space that our members feel comfortable coming in and embracing what makes them unique and we are hell-bent on creating experiences that make everyone feel comfortable being super weird. Imagine some of the top politicians in your city and biggest community influencers dressing up in crazy costumes on putting on a lip sync performance- it all sounds so casual and strange but it can do so much for the success of a space.

When you establish yourself as the mecca for individuality and community love, you’ll notice your event grow in attendance and excitement each time.


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