Sometimes, life is funny and a series of interesting events that lead us to greater things. When I interviewed Zach and asked him about his path to not being alone anymore, I was surprised how unique his story was.

Zach was doing the unconventional. He was in living in Thailand, taking a break from the real-estate world by practicing meditation with buddhist monks. He had focused on everything to do with finding and being at peace with your inner self. It wasn’t until his sister called him up one day and pulled him into the coworking world. She thought they had a chance of creating this amazing space for other people like them and she wanted him to join her.

He was out searching for an answer and coworking was the message.

I love this story because now that he has it, he loves what it brings to his life: community. Zach told me that if it wasn’t for coworking, he wouldn’t have met such a great network of people.

The Commons is special because members are very carefully curated to fit the social and work-related aspects of this space. The design is also very unique; it’s very luxurious, which creates an ambiance of sophistication and class.

Zach only proves that coworking is what brings people together. He is quick to say that he “met a lot of friends because of coworking.” The tagline at The Commons is “a lifestyle at work”; that encompasses everything that happens at this space because not only is it for getting stuff done, but also for enjoying what life has to offer.

I asked what he thought he would be doing were he not involved in the coworking world. His response was illuminating: “I applied to a grad school in San Francisco and got accepted. If I wouldn’t have jumped into this, I would have completed my two-year graduate studies and probably been in the mountains teaching some meditation, hippy-dippy stuff, which would make zero money. However, I would probably be happy doing it.”

So, the next time you’re up in Calgary, check out this amazing space. Take a trip to see nature’s finest creations and ask Zach to take all the stress away with a fine meditation class. Enjoy!

Not Alone Monday’s is a new blog feature from COSHARE. Produced entirely by our interns, we tell the stories of shared space investors, founders, and managers highlighting the many reasons why people in the industry decided to join the movement. Running a shared space can get lonely sometimes, for this reason we are connecting the movement through shared experiences. Each month COSHARE will share a personal account from a creator, lending voice to the people behind the movement by sharing their ideas and experiences. Not Alone Monday’s is a vehicle for building bridges between coworking creators who are openly sharing the reasons they joined the coworking industry and how it’s transformed their lives.

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