We all crave, at some point, working with others that have the same goals as us. People who motivate us, who we can learn from, who can potentially become our friends. Sometimes we just want a place where we can connect with others on levels we can’t somewhere else. Nicole Vasquez created The Shift in Chicago for those exact reasons. She knew she wanted a space where she could create a community of people who could learn, connect, and grow. Here are some of the reasons why she decided to not be alone in her quest to success anymore and decided to open her space in Chicago.

  1. Community Building

Nicole has a background in event planning. She has always liked working with people and connecting others–and just being part of something bigger than herself. This is why she hosts business workshops at her space and other networking events, so her community can benefit. Essentially, that’s what she wanted for herself that she couldn’t find anywhere else.

  1. Passion

Before she joined the coworking world, she was a corporate gal. She thought that’s how life should be; and then as she grew older, she realized that there was more to life than just becoming a CEO. She saw how being in the corporate world limited her creativity and hindered her passion about work.

  1. Energy

The fact that she could go to work every day and be inspired by other people (and surrounded by people who love to work as much as her) was another reason she moved to coworking. She knew that the network she now had at her space could not have possibly been found by working out of her house.

I asked her where she would be without coworking and her response was: “I would still be in an office with a great title and benefits. I also think about why I’m crazy enough to have turned that down, but I also would have been feeling unfulfilled and purpose-less. I would have been working all day and side-hustling at night with my event company. Then, I would come home and tackle a project that I really cared; whereas now, I come to work every day and this is not only my work, but my passion.”

Remember: in coworking, build your community first and then see the magic happen. Find your passion and also remember you don’t have to do it alone.

Not Alone Monday’s is a new blog feature from COSHARE. Produced entirely by our interns, we tell the stories of shared space investors, founders, and managers highlighting the many reasons why people in the industry decided to join the movement. Running a shared space can get lonely sometimes, for this reason we are connecting the movement through shared experiences. Each month COSHARE will share a personal account from a creator, lending voice to the people behind the movement by sharing their ideas and experiences. Not Alone Monday’s is a vehicle for building bridges between coworking creators who are openly sharing the reasons they joined the coworking industry and how it’s transformed their lives.

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