Creating spaces for people who have similar interests is not a new concept, even though everyone thinks they invented it. There are many reasons why shared spaces are created and why they thrive within their communities. One of the main reasons is because the people who open them don’t want to be alone anymore. On July 22, we interviewed Melissa Saubers, founder of Cowork Waldo in Kansas City. Here are five things she had to say about the reasoning behind why she opened her own space.


This seems to be a recurring theme between the founders of spaces. They open up a place where they know they can get their work DONE and others can do the same. Before owning her own coworking space, she had been working at her house for 4 years and it got to the point where she just didn’t like it anymore.

  1. Building community

Melissa calls her space “the neighborhood coworking space.” The people who are part of her space all live within 5 minutes. Just like her, the people in the neighborhood became her community.

  1. The commute

She said that one of the major things she wanted when she created her space was to be close to home, and for others to have that same opportunity. There’s nothing like a 3-minute commute to and from work, eh?

  1. The loss of inspiration

As mentioned before, Melissa used to work from home and because of the environment she was in, she became depressed; her creativity waned and it just wasn’t good for what she was trying to achieve (girl, we know what you mean!).

  1. The support!

She never expected that joining the coworking world would open the doors to people all over the globe; people who she could ask questions and make friends with––and just feel supported in every possible way.

Lastly, we asked her where she would be if she hadn’t joined the coworking world. Her answer was straightforward: she would probably still be part of the corporate world. I think we agree that coworking is SO much better.

Not Alone Monday’s is a new blog feature from COSHARE.  Produced entirely by our interns, we tell the stories of shared space investors, founders, and managers highlighting the many reasons why people in the industry decided to join the movement. Running a shared space can get lonely sometimes, for this reason we are connecting the movement through shared experiences. Each month COSHARE will share a personal account from a creator, lending voice to the people behind the movement by sharing their ideas and experiences. Not Alone Monday’s is a vehicle for building bridges between coworking creators who are openly sharing the reasons they joined the coworking industry and how it’s transformed their lives.

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