Most of us have gone through the struggle of working from a coffee shop or working at home. The distractions, the noises, the loud chatter, oh my! We met with Daryn DeZengotita of The Mix Coworking and Maker Space who had a couple of words to share on her reasoning for ditching the struggle and her path to becoming “queen of The Mix” in Dallas, Texas.

It went down a little like this:

  1. Places with distractions and loneliness
  • Before the coworking movement began full throttle and coffee shops weren’t that big of a thing, Daryn, believe it or not, worked in hotel lobbies! Here we say, thank you Daryn for contributing to the coworking world.
  1. Spaces that inspire and make something worthwhile
  • Daryn worked for a non-profit that would find church spaces and inspired them to try to re-envision their underutilized space. Two years ago, she realized that she worked in an intentional community and it only made sense that the church she was supporting become a coworking space.
  1. Giving back with purpose
  • When Daryn decided to open The Mix Coworking and Maker Space in a church basement, she made sure that it would be a community that would cater to creatives and a place where people can be open personally and professionally. Well, because we all need some place to vent. Hallelujah! Pun intended.
  1. A soapbox stance with a clear message
  • The Mix Coworking and Maker Space provides people with “stuff that you wouldn’t do by yourself at home but you would in a community” says Daryn. Again, another reason why working by yourself is a bad idea. Spread the word.

There you have it, four enlightening reasons why Daryn is alone no more and how she is changing the way those around her think about their work environment and how business is done in today’s day and age.

So, the next time you’re in Dallas make sure to stop by The Mix Coworking & Maker Space and check out their new up and coming commercial kitchen and their never-ending stream of m&m’s “cause you need that sometimes” as Daryn would say.


Not Alone Monday’s is a new blog feature from COSHARE.  Produced entirely by our interns, we tell the stories of shared space investors, founders, and managers highlighting the many reasons why people in the industry decided to join the movement. Running a shared space can get lonely sometimes, for this reason we are connecting the movement through shared experiences. Each month COSHARE will share a personal account from a creator, lending voice to the people behind the movement by sharing their ideas and experiences. Not Alone Monday’s is a vehicle for building bridges between coworking creators who are openly sharing the reasons they joined the coworking industry and how it’s transformed their lives.

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