On Wednesday, September 28th, I met with Amy King from GoodWork and we talked about her reasoning behind leaving an ordinary work life and joining the coworking the world. When she began her journey, she left her job in DC where she was an organizational and leadership development director for the USGBC headquarters and moved to Dallas. This is where she was immersed into the sustainability aspect of the workforce, and where she was also creating community for various non-profit chapters (among other responsibilities).

What does that have to do with coworking you may ask? Well, Amy told me that when she was still working for USGBC, her boss at the time wanted “a space outside our headquarters where our people can go and brainstorm, use comfy chairs, and go outside their normal environment for creativity and innovation.”

Boom, coworking.

Amy then researched the concept, joined, and was a founding member of the community at The Grove in Dallas. It took her about a year and half to get her idea together. She talked a lot about sustainability and flexible design, so I asked her if creating a sustainable space was her main reason in joining the coworking world. She said that what she determined was, “a real need for leadership in design thinking in sustainability and helping people create a space really is focused on people’s wellness and productivity.” She proceeded to say that many coworking spaces are based on community, which is also important, because obviously how does she create and spread the love of sustainability without community right? She also added the factor of: How can we create an environment that really allows people to do their best work and where they can actually feel like they can get a lot done–and that they also know that the environment is super healthy for them? That we’re facilitating all kinds of movement for them?”

For Amy, her knowledge of sustainability and design, community building and culture, and organizational development work helped her come up with this vision for GoodWork along with her business partner Steve who has immersed himself as well in everything coworking.

It is refreshing to come across a founder who based her space on something other than the reasoning of the distractions we find in our homes. Not only is Amy building community, which is important for coworking, but she is building it on this idea of sustainable coworking and giving people a place where they, like her,  know that they are working in the healthiest way possible. She’s certainly not alone in her quest for a healthier lifestyle!

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