Coworking space managers wear many hats and need to be constantly learning. The newest COSHARE webinar can help you become a better marketer and a better businessperson. We’re fusing the best ideas from coworking experts, including the latest news, tools, strategies and techniques. We’re going to uncover some of the best marketing principles and practices for people centric shared spaces. Keep up with the sharpest thinkers in the industry by joining and participating in the conversation with our expert guests Rebecca Brian Pan from Covo, Shelley Delayne from Orange Coworking, and Melissa Saubers from Cowork Waldo.

The webinar is an hour in length – you can click on the link below to watch!

This webinar was moderated by COSHARE’s very own Iris Kavanagh.

Webinar – Most Useful Marketing Strategies For Your Coworking Space

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Rebecca’s Bio:

Rebecca is an internationally recognized boss in the world of coworking. As co-founder and COO of NextSpace, she helped grow a one-unit startup into a nationwide, nine-unit industry leader ranked #1 in the country in 2014. She transferred that experience and skills to Covo, a coworking space at it’s core, surrounded with an open-to-the-public coffee shop, bar, and café. She is a tireless 7X serial entrepreneur, with a bicoastal graphic design firm, children’s literacy non-profit, design association, and of course coworking, on her list of successful ventures.

She credits her entrepreneurial spirit to the belief that if it doesn’t exist and should, we should make it happen. Together. Now. Rebecca graduated magna cum laude from the University of Pennsylvania, and thanks Penn for instilling in her an early love of business, entrepreneurship and adult beverages.

Melissa’s bio:

Melissa is the Chief Connector and CEO of Cowork Waldo, a neighborhood coworking community in Kansas City, Missouri, USA. She operates the best “little” coworking community in KC. In addition to Cowork Waldo, Melissa is the Chair of the Kansas City Coworking Alliance whose mission is to raise the awareness of coworking in the Kansas City region. And in her extra time – he-he – she has a marketing communications company specializing in social media helping small businesses make the most of their online presence.

In addition to running Cowork Waldo Melissa volunteers her time for many local organizations including holding board positions for the Waldo Brookside Rotary Club and Sleepyhead Beds, a local non-profit getting beds to kids in need.  She is the proud mom of two daughters, one who is in her senior year of high school and the other who is a sixth-grade soccer star!  She also loves to help spread the coworking love by helping out behind the scenes at GCUC USA in KC, GCUC Canada in Toronto and GCUC All in LA.

Shelley’s bio:

Shelley Delayne, a veteran freelance graphic designer and small business consultant, Shelley came up empty after a search to find a focused work environment near her South Austin home. As a new mother, she quickly discovered many other independent types looking for shared spaces away from home and among entrepreneurs eager to connect to bandwidth and to others.

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