When most people set out to open a coworking space, they are excited about diving into people, furniture, membership types, events and locating the perfect building.

It’s not until the lease signing process that they realize business insurance is something they need to understand and oh, the complexity! For a lay person, diving into business liability insurance is like trying to understand latin with a pocket dictionary as your translator.

Then comes the quote process, and depending on who you reach out to for a quote, you’ll be answering some pretty strange questions, such as this one we received in answer to our statement that we don’t provide leases but sell memberships:

“Who are they leasing space from if it’s not from your business?”

Or this beauty which was on a form attached to an automatic email response we received when we reached out asking for a quote:

“Longest distance a non-owned auto will be driven on business for you?”

(Wow. What does that even mean?)

All of this insurance industry jargon can be overwhelming, especially when you just want to get down to the business of building community.


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And the worst part is, you won’t know if they are selling you a policy that is padded with non-relevant risks or, potentially worse, not covering very real risks because they just don’t understand your business model.

As coworking owners and operators, COSHARE understands the unique problems facing shared workspace operators and are excited to announce that we are now offering a solution to the problem of finding a friendly face when looking for business insurance services.

COSHARE has just partnered with the Nicholas Hill Group, an insurance firm who specializes in insurance for shared workspaces. Through this partnership, coworking operators will have direct access to underwriters who are trained to understand what shared spaces need for coverage, and, just as importantly, what they don’t. In addition, this partnership includes access to other insurance products that operators might be in need of, including Worker’s Compensation Insurance (with correct classification of labor codes for your employees) and Medical, Dental and Vision plans.

Your members are also able to access insurance services, which can be a nice business service to offer them as they build out their start-up or freelance offering.

It’s easy to get started! Simply request a quote through this link and your information will be reviewed by a team of dedicated underwriters who stand ready to assist.  Give it a try and see for yourself!

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