Tap room, cafe, coworking space, and so much more: sounds like a combined set from Friends and How I Met Your Mother––two shows that idealize a group of friends. Although these shows were comic and not quite what you would think about when it comes to productivity, they may have been on to something.

In 2009, Rebecca Pan, cofounder of Collective Voices (Covo), started down the path toward a lifestyle worth her time. Picture a beautiful 18,000 ft2 space complete with exposed brick and wood. A place that thrived with creative intellectuals, great coffee, and alcohol––and plenty of space for opportunity and collaborations.

“It is not just about how you work; it is more about how you live!”

––Rebecca Pan

An emphasis on how you live, your lifestyle, and what you surround yourself with:  this is the environment Rebecca is creating. An environment that makes you feel like you are living even when you are working. She struggled to find her groove at any old coffee shop or even from the comfort of her own home! Rebecca experienced the dichotomy of productive and unproductive environments early in her coworking career. She saw what a vibrant environment did to her productivity levels and wanted to improve on this and bring it to the world.

She started off with NextSpace San Francisco, which has spread throughout the states and won “#1 Coworking Space in the US in 2014.”

“The most rewarding thing [about coworking]? Definitely the people!”

––Rebecca Pan’s response on coworking

“Coworking, as an industry, tends to pull the best and brightest and the most human-centric people together. Those are the people I want to know; that’s my tribe!” You could feel her enthusiasm. If you feel this way, you may be a perfect fit for coworking. She hosts a diverse group of creative intellectuals within her coworking space: from people working on ocean conservations to TED Talk speakers, architects, sustainability consultancy, and people who work in sustainable finance.  Rebecca has over 40 committed members who are all working on amazing things; people who are part of her tribe––or who make her feel like she is part of a tribe.

To top it off, this tribeswoman is also a mother of a four-month-old baby, halfway through writing a book, and has opened up her newest business endeavor, Covo. It quite recently opened its doors, July 20th to be exact, and will be having the launch party on August 4th. Covo will now be open for business at:

981 Mission Street, Between 5th & 6tH


(415) 997-8996


As a Face of Coworking, Rebecca has displayed amazing character and her passion is as transparent as her success!

COSHARE is featuring Faces of Coworking, a platform to highlight the extraordinary people opening people centric shared work spaces, particularly coworking. On a monthly basis, Faces of Coworking targets those opening a variety of shared work spaces in order to gain perspective on the qualities and progress of whom our shared space community is made. The people opening up coworking spaces are forward-thinking individuals and they deserve acknowledgement. The Faces of Coworking is where this acknowledgment begins.

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