Every nut and bolt in the coworking industry interface are technological advances. Tech advances are subtle and usually go unnoticed (or at least underappreciated).

TIME is one of the most value experiences. Someone who has given the gift of time can be thought of as a modern-day hero.

EARLY 2000s

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Dale Hersowitz, who is passionate about coworking and the values behind the industry, has become a leader in the advancing world of industry software. WUN Systems, the company Dale founded almost a decade ago, has provided coworking spaces with the most advanced user-friendly platforms––which has helped streamline mundane and time-consuming projects (i.e. billing).



Breath and smile

Dale was pulled into the world of coworking just over a decade ago. He would be the first to tell you that the industry just was not where it is today. There were complications and coworking was working its way through some kinks. Many of those problems fell on the shoulders of the community manager (receptionist/secretaries) who had to keep track of billing, conferences, and many other mundane duties (and who were often only available from 9AM to 5PM). Signing up for a workshop was like pulling teeth: you had to place your name on a clipboard that was only available during work hours––which only worked for those who did not work past these hours. If problems occurred after 5PM, you would have to wait until the next day; and even worse, if your problem occurred on Friday after 5PM, you had to wait until Monday morning. Dale remembers thinking: “There has to be another way.” These five words have been the root of many great innovations. And in this case, it proved true once more.

Listening to Dale Hersowitz expand on his first experiences in a coworking space brought up old memories of dial-up Internet: slow, annoying, and quite frustrating. However, at the time, there really was no other way. Unlike my experience with dial-up, Dale was young, smart, and had experience with possible solutions for the outdated format of coworking management. Dale did his research and realized there was no other way; this was an industry-wide plague. The frustration was shared by many. So, by 2008, Dale began to prepare solutions for the coworking industry. WUN Systems is Dale’s third start-up and has continued to become an award-winning company––one worthy of use by over 40,000 people.

“The passion became a platform.”

-Dale Hersowitz

His goal was a platform that creates autonomy and a seamless experiences for coworkers and coworking space owners. Community managers were being freed from mundane activities and were now able to contribute their passion and creativity to the coworking industry. Billing, which used to take 4-5 hours, is now taking 30 minutes to complete. This is something that is now possible due to innovation that has come out of WUNSystems.

Many see issues, but only few come up with solutions. Dale Hersowitz is one of those special few who not only came up with grand solutions, but is absolutely passionate about doing it. As I spoke to Dale about WUN Systems and the great technological advances WUN Systems has provided to the world of coworking, I could hear his passion. With a Master’s degree in software engineering and experience with large companies, Dale was well on his way to being a key player in bringing autonomy to the coworking world.

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