We know that part of creating community is making events that bring people together and keeping those people together. There are many ways that specific types of events can bring people into your space and potentially increase your revenue in the process among strengthening community and adding value to memberships.

On Tuesday, August 09, 2016, Stephanie Bermudez moderated a discussion on COSHARE’s monthly webinar series offering our community expert advice on Events and Member Planning for Shared Workspaces. The webinar featured coworking leaders Liz Elam and Sarah Fustine, who shared ideas on how to bring people together while also uplifting your space.

The webinar is an hour long and you can watch it now!


Sarah Fustine:

Not too serious about things. But just enough to get shit done. Up for a challenge. Tend to say “yes” to too many things. Always finding a way to learn and adapt and evolve. Current favorite song: “This is My House” by Flo Rida – like I can REALLY jam to this song, peeps. Run operations at Think Big Partners. Design, built and manage Think Big Coworking (24,000 sqft facility over three floors in the heart of KC.) Hosted GCUC 2014 in KC. Board Member of COSHARE – America’s only national shared space association. Mom to an almost 1 year old boy. KC native and advocate.

Liz Elam:

Liz Elam has built her career on the tenet that working one’s way up from the bottom instills tenacity, creates resilience and develops excellence. That belief, blended with an innovative spirit and a competitive yet collaborative drive, has propelled her to the forefront of the coworking movement—itself the embodiment of smart collaboration. After taking a job answering phones at Dell just after college and quickly being promoted into sales, Liz spent 14 years managing multimillion dollar accounts and then funneled her irritation with the woes of telecommuting into entrepreneurship by founding Link Coworking in Austin.

Since opening its doors in 2010, the company has become a hub for Austin’s innovators, giving them an ideal place to create and connect. Liz has become a prominent voice in the coworking movement, is a founding member and was the first President of the League of Extraordinary Coworking spaces (LEXC) and helped form Coshare. Liz has produced GCUC USA for five years running, bringing together key influencers in coworking from all over the globe.


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