Running a coworking space seems easy from the start but as you go from 5 buddies working together to 20 members to a growing community climbing over 100 it can get overwhelming. That’s where coworking management software becomes your most important tool. Over the years members of the CoShare board and community have evaluated over a dozen coworking specific software like CoBot, cobbled together a few solutions using Google calendar and Paypal, or found alternatives like MindBody which was designed for workout facilities. Some have worked well, some of the software we quickly outgrew while others we continued to fall in love with every day.

We didn’t want all of our hard research that we put into running our own coworking space to go to waste so we picked our favorite software used to manage a coworking space created a comprehensive chart to help everyone. Search for top features, see if it’s compatible with your current setup, and compare prices with ease.

We will have a conference call on Tuesday, December 15th at 11 am EST with creators of the software to answer all your questions.

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