Freelance labor. Finding the right and reliable source can bring immeasurable benefits to your business. You could say it’s like upgrading your engine to a full-synthetic oil. For the startup industry, and companies engaged in Coworking, freelance labor has continued to increase in demand. The reason for this is because of a new phenomenon known as the “gig economy.” The truth is that new technology and services are being centered around serving this gig economy. It’s not just for startups and businesses, but those building a foundation through performing on-demand services. According to a study published by the United States Department of Labor in 2015, 53 Million Americans are freelancers…literally 1 in 3 members of the American workforce. Here is why Coworking is essential to thriving of today’s gig economy.

In the millennial generation, businesses both large and small are now able to supply their freelancers and independent contractors with special access to office amenities they don’t own. This is everything ranging from a creative design studio, media lab, or a scientific research facility. This is because Coworking businesses, too, work through On-Demand services.

It’s more than just having a desk and space to work with, Coworking spaces offer freelancers proximity to other businesses and even restaurants inside or around the workspace. Furthermore, since freelancing is about staying open to all new opportunities, within a Coworking environment further collaborations are abundant for all freelancers. Not only is there an abundance of other businesses to work with, many of these businesses share the same practices as well as the company culture.

Best of all, with a Coworking space that is well-connected with integrated technologies, freelancing becomes accessible and fully-equipped to serve all possible needs. Within the next few years businesses both new and established will call on more millennials to accomplish these gigs. The mold is breaking. Coworking empowers freelance labor through its accessibility and capability. For businesses and millennials, it’s a best of both worlds waiting to take shape.

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