Dale Hersowitz is the founder of WUN Systems, a coworking software developing company. Dale had his start in the coworking world over a decade ago and has now become the leader of a company is his field. Because Dale serves the coworking community, he inevitably began to create a coworking community embedded within his company. WUN Systems provides more than just software and voice solutions: it provides a centralized platform that promotes efficiency, fun, and opportunity to grow for both partners and workers!

WUN Systems has grown to be a unique coworking software company that is rich in coworking culture because as Dale said, “We have to drink our own Kool-aid.” How else would he know how efficient WUN Systems really is? Dale was creating better means to connect coworkers; this meant that he and his team (including partners who are customers) have to test the ideas, and constantly modify the solutions. Technology moves at a frenetic pace; and because Dale has created an effective coworking culture, WUN Systems has the grit and enthusiasm to continue providing solutions for decades to come!

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