When: August 12th at 3PM EST
Where: Online via Fuze Meeting Link
Eventbrite - CoShare Webinar: Coworking Management Tools

There are several different ways to manage a coworking space. Owners have created piecemeal solutions with Goolge calendar and Paypal, chose a specialised all-in-one coworking product, or even use outside software designed for the yoga industry. We’ll discuss several different solutions from space owners and software providers to help you find the best solution for you in this 30 minute webinar.

Sam from DeskTime and Matt from HappyDesk will be joining us on the webinar to describe their approach to coworking management software as well as two coworking space owners.

The agenda:
3:00 – Welcome everyone and discuss the purpose of coworking management software
3:05 to 3:15 – Coworking space owners describe their needs and how they are solving the problem.
3:15 to 3:25 – DeskTime and HappyDesk describe their software and approaches to the solution
3:25 – Q and A for panelist

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