Coworking and The “Gig” Economy.

Freelance labor. Finding the right and reliable source can bring immeasurable benefits to your business. You could say it’s like upgrading your engine to a full-synthetic oil. For the startup industry, and companies engaged in Coworking, freelance labor has continued...

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Faces of Coworking featuring Jenny Poon

Turning Culture into Coworking: How Jenny Poon's family prepared her to be a Face of Coworking "What you do is what matters, not what you think or say or plan." -Jason Fried Founder of CO+HOOTS and the CO+HOOTS Foundation, creator of eeko studio, mother, and wife,...

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Coworking Culture: Unlikely Places

“My focus is to be balanced. One of the things I look at during projects is that it’s ok to stay longer, but it is not a do or die culture. It starts with me. From the head down and that trickles down to the team.”  -Dale Hersowitz

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Coworking Internships

Creating new internship programs are not as easy as it seems. There is a lot of planning, organization, and patience involved. On July 15, 2016 Coworking with Iris held a webinar featuring Stephanie Bermudez one of the board members for COSHARE: The National Coworking...

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Faces of Coworking Features: Dale Hersowitz

Listening to Dale Hersowitz expand on his first experiences in a coworking space brought up old memories of dial-up Internet: slow, annoying, and quite frustrating. However, at the time, there really was no other way. Unlike my experience with dial-up, Dale was young, smart, and had experience with possible solutions for the outdated format of coworking management. Dale did his research and realized there was no other way; this was an industry-wide plague. The frustration was shared by many. So, by 2008, Dale began to prepare solutions for the coworking industry. WUN Systems is Dale’s third start-up and has continued to become an award-winning company––one worthy of use by over 40,000 people.

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